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About Machinery Decals

25 Years of providing High Quality Heavy Machinery Decals

With over 40 years of experience in the Heavy Equipment Industry we are best known for our massive selection of Decals and Decal Kits for most Makes, Types, and Models of heavy equipment. Our Express Service Class Ensures Overnight or Second Day Delivery to most Locations throughout North America.

While spending 20 years in the Industrial Painting Industry the need for jobber equipment decals became apparent. Lack of availability and excessive cost from O.E.M. triggered the birth of Decalmania over 25 years ago. Our experience taught us to build decal kits the way a painter would want them. As accurate and install friendly as possible. We still manufacture them this way today. With the painter in mind, our kits come fully put together. No need for painting stripe schemes on. No putting down one layer and then putting down another. Our biggest compliments are when our customers tell us our kits are just like O.E.M. or think they are!

At Decalmania we aren’t just about Equipment decals. Our Large Format Printing and Plotting equipment make us a tough competitor in the Sign Industry. Our latest addition from the HP family allow us to offer the newest of technologies and we are happy to have invested in the Greener Latex solutions. This is particularly advantageous in areas requiring low V.O.C. emissions like Hospitals and other Health conscious industries.
Advantages of Latex Ink

Our commitment to service and quality ensure you get the products you deserve, on time. Our staff aren’t only the sales agents, they’re the designers, equipment operators and vinyl installers. Our focus and goals are to provide you with the fastest service possible at fair prices while promoting quality products.