Proper removal of decals and cleaning of the underlying surface enables you to change the look of your equipment/vehicles without damaging the paint. Our install team has the tools and experience to ensure that old decals come off without any residue or marks on the paint underneath. No need to touch-up, repaint, or attempt to cover up any unwanted blemishes. This retains the resale value of your assets and keeps your equipment looking in great condition.

Our removal service extends the entire Fraser Valley. We will come to you for on-site decal removal. No need to pay for transporting the job anywhere, we make it convenient for you.

Before you take a scraper to your valuable assets, contact us and we can help ensure that the job is done right. Please note that most of these services are offered at an hourly rate and are not quoted or estimated. Unfortunately there are many types of vinyls on today's market and some are very uninstall friendly while others are not. Times can vary from one product to another. Don’t worry, we can get it done in a fast and friendly fashion for you. Our Experts will remove the decals and the underlying adhesives that most leave behind. Different adhesives can require a variety of different chemicals to remove, more often than not we’ll get the job done for less cost than you trying to obtain the chemicals! Just leave it to the pro’s! Our decal service technicians are as good at taking off decals as they are getting them on for you. From the largest of vehicle wraps to just removing the bumper sticker you may not want anymore.

Contact us today to book a decal removal date.