Products Sold 2024


Magnetic material is ideal for temporary signage, graphics, in-store POP displays, outdoor signage, vehicle magnets, or promotional magnets. For example clients use magnetic decal signs on their private vehicle during work hours to advertise their business but remove them in the evening or weekends to help keep business separate from home life. Or clients who have vehicles with graphics already installed on them, but have a temporary promotion or sale which they can then advertise with magnetic decal signs without damaging their graphics on their vehicle. This allows clients to advertise their business and promote their sales at the same time.

Magnetic decal signs also work great in combination with our alupanel signs to create dynamic fluid organization tables for the office or home.

The magnetic material we use conforms well to most metal surfaces. It is rated for vehicle so it can handle high speeds and a wide range of weather climates, remains flexible, easily removed and can be easily cleaned. (Would not recommend taking vehicle magnets through car washes)

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