Products Sold 2024


There are many applications for vehicle graphics from making a personal vehicle more personal to covering a company truck/trailer and taking advantage of free advertising space. Our wide range of printing options give you the opportunity to make your vehicle and/or trailer stand out.

We can handle all aspects of your project:

  1. Concept & Design
  2. Supply of Graphics
  3. Installation

We will ensure your idea is made to your liking and comes to life how you want it. Advertise your business by placing your company logos and information on your vehicles. Taking advantage of the free advertising space on vehicles pushes your business without any effort. Even when your vehicle is parked, your company’s business will be selling itself. We can take your designs and make your fleet look professional and memorable. This can be done even with simple designs that only display a logo and contact information. We can help make size and colour contrasting decisions that are guaranteed to catch eyes.

Trailers offer the same advertising opportunity as vehicles except they usually grant a larger space. Utilizing the area on a trailer is a great way to advertise because they allow you to have a larger area to input the information you find important to display to customers. We work closely with our clients to ensure the design will come across looking professional.

Reflective vinyl is mandatory for some safety applications and can also be utilized to important portions of your advertisement still visible at night. Our 3M™ reflective vinyl catches the smallest reflection of light and becomes vibrant when the night starts to settle. This is great for trucks and trailers with moving parts that require attention and safety precautions. Ensure the safety of your team and equipment by putting reflective stripes on moving parts and covering areas of interest with reflective vinyl that is sure to be noticed by those in the working area.

Don’t have any equipment that needs to be covered in reflective for safety? Be selfish and put your company name and phone number in reflective vinyl to pop out and advertise during all times of the day and night.

See how we can bring your idea to life. Contact us today.